About me

I design my own pieces, taking influence from nature, giving metal an organic form with a feminine touch....Metal is such an interesting material to work in. How you can take a very cold characterless piece of metal, heat it, work with it and give it form, character, movement and shape. Forging metal, gives it a life all of its own. Each piece is different, every time you put the metal in the fire, it changes. No forged piece is ever identical to the last. The hammer marks are never identical.  With blacksmithing you can make anything from a hook to a gate, the techniques are the same, just used in different ways.

I have always had an interest in design and making things. I studied Three Dimensional Design at Lincoln and Newcastle. And although for the next 10 years after college I worked as a secretary and personal assistant, the design bug never went away. This eventually resulted in me giving up the 9-5 and going to study Blacksmithing at Warwickshire College for 2 years. I then returned to the depths of Wales, where I grew up, to set up and start working in my own forge.